Why Is Oak Flooring So Popular?

7th Jan 2014 @ 18:03

Over the years, oak flooring has become increasingly popular for renovations and new builds alike. So what exactly makes oak flooring such a popular choice?

It’s Hard Wearing

Oak flooring is extremely hard wearing. Maintenance of an oak floor is easy, a sweep or vacuum will help to keep any dust or grit off the surface. A damp mop will keep the floor looking fresh. Compare this to a carpet and it really is a no brainer.

Carpets often will pick up dirt and muck very easily, these marks can then often be difficult to remove, if not impossible. Carpets can also often harbour allergens, which can affect your health.

A proper oak floor is designed to last a lifetime. Any marks and areas of wear can often be sanded away numerous times. A carpet on the other hand often needs to be replaced after a couple of years.

It Looks Great

Oak flooring just looks fantastic, and brings something really special into your home. In the past green oak would have been used for flooring. This would have been installed at the same time as the construction of the dwelling. Nowadays, air drying and kiln drying has become more popular as the properties of oak are understood more.

The different grades available, make oak flooring suitable for a range of different tastes. If you are looking for a flooring with more character, there is the barn and character grades. For areas where a more refined look is required, there is the select and prime grades.

As oak flooring can often be sanded back to bare timber numerous times, this allows you to achieve a number of different finishes over its lifetime. For example you could begin by finishing your floor with a natural hard wax oil, but after a couple of years you could opt for something darker, such as the smoked oak.

Oak Flooring Living Room

Timeless Appeal

Oak Flooring has a timeless appeal that no carpet or laminate flooring can match. Over the years fashions have changed, with carpet once being a luxury item. As time progressed, these fashions of course change. However, wooden flooring in general has always been a sought after item.

Can Now Be Used In A Range Of Situations

Thanks to the introduction of engineered oak flooring, you can pretty much lay an oak floor where ever you want. From above an engineered oak floor looks exactly the same as a solid oak floor. The construction of ply and oak make it much more stable than solid oak. This allows it to be used for the more modern situations, such as over underfloor heating.

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