What Affects The Price Of Oak Flooring?

2nd Jan 2014 @ 18:05

When searching far and wide for your new oak floor, you are no doubt going to see a range of different prices and options available. There are a number of different factors that can heavily influence the pricing of an oak floor, some of which we are going to look into now.

Country Of Origin / Species

Where the oak flooring is originally produced from, and the species of flooring, will affect the price of the flooring. Oak flooring is sourced from all over the world, the main exporters being Europe, America and China. Different sources, of course mean varying degrees of quality, which is often reflected in the price.

Solid Or Engineered Oak Flooring

Generally you will find engineered oak flooring to be slightly more expensive then an equivalent solid oak floor. The reasons for this is primarily because of the increased workload and costs that go into producing an engineered oak board.

Width Of Boards

The width of the board is also something which will affect the price. Generally the wider the board is, the more costly it will be.

Unfinished Oak Flooring

Thickness Of Board

A thinner cut of board will be lower in price than a thicker board. The choice of which type of board to go for, very much depends on your own situation. For example our 14mm oak boards need to be laid over the top of some form of wooden subfloor. 20mm boards on the other hand can also be laid over the likes of joists and concrete, as long as certain conditions are met.


As a general rule of thumb, boards with more character (knots, cracks, shakes, colour variation, etc.) will be lower priced than the more cleaner refined boards. This is because a cleaner board, is more difficult to source than a board with more character.

Prefinished or Unfinished

Whether the board has been specifically prefinished can affect the price. Although laying an unfinished floor and finishing it yourself can often yield greater results, the extra workload of prefinished oak flooring often makes it more costly

Additional Extras

Extras as seen in our distressed oak flooring or the shrunk face surface texture of the Hakwood Reale Collection can also affect the final cost.

If you have questions regarding oak flooring, please do give us a call on 01538 304584.

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