New Carpet Or Oak Flooring?

27th Dec 2013 @ 14:54

With Christmas day now passed, we now turn our attention to the New Year 2014. Many see the new year as a great time to be out with the old and in with the new. The time to redecorate that lifeless room and tear up that old stained carpet. This of course leads people into looking into oak flooring as a potential replacement. So what are the advantages of oak flooring over a new carpet?

The first major advantage of choosing oak flooring has to be just how hard wearing it is. Muck and dirt can quickly and easily be swept or washed away. When finished with a high quality hard wax oil, as proved in our guide to oak floor finishes, stains and sauces can also be removed. Compare that to carpet where marks can often be difficult to remove, if not impossible. Of course, over time a oak floor will suffer from wear and tear. More often than not however, these areas can be recoated back to a like new state. Scratches often become unnoticeable and part of the floor itself, particularly with the barn and character grades.

A further advantage is the fact that an oak floor can be used in a range of different areas. Thanks to engineered oak flooring, which looks exactly the same as solid oak flooring once laid, you can lay oak flooring in areas where you previously wouldn't have been able to. As well as the more traditional living and dining areas, oak flooring is now being used in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

Oak Flooring Carpet

Oak flooring is available in a number of different grades, meaning whatever style you want, it is available to you. Some prefer the more rustic look of the barn or character grades, whereas others may opt for the cleaner looks of the select and prime grades.

The majority of the oak flooring in which we supply, is done so in an unfinished state. This allows you to apply your own colour stain, varnish, oil or wax as you see fit. The main type of product we normally recommend is a hard wax oil, such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil. These products are available in a number of different styles, all of which can be seen by clicking here. The hard wax oils can also be reversed by simply sanding away the finish. This allows you to apply a different colour, if required, further down the line.

Here at Peak Oak, we have flooring which is available in a thickness of 20mm or 14mm. Our 14mm oak flooring has been designed to fit in the more difficult of locations. When looking to replace a carpet which has been laid over a plywood sub-floor with an oak floor, whilst losing as little room height as possible, the 14mm is ideal. These boards allow you to lay a high quality solid wood floor, where originally you may have had to use carpet or laminate.

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