How Can I Achieve A Natural Looking Oak Floor?

19th Dec 2013 @ 16:55

As standard, the majority of the oak flooring in which we supply, is done so in an unfinished form. Unfinished oak flooring are boards which are supplied with no form of finish on top. This allows you to achieve pretty much any type of look you want from a stain, wood dye, wax or oil. Many of these finishes can often be reversed by sanding, should you change you mind.

When finishing your oak floor, a common requirement is for the finish to be as natural looking as possible.

One of the products we recommend for this is a hard wax oil such as the Osmo Polyx-Oil or the Blanchon Hard Waxoil. As standard, these are available in either a satin or a matt finish. The satin finish provides a slight sheen, whilst the matt leaves the floor with little or no sheen. The Blanchon Hard Waxoil is now also available in a ultra matt finish, which has no sheen whatsoever. The standard hard wax oils will leave your oak flooring with a warm, honey like colour. These finishes are incredibly hard-wearing, micro-porous and water repellent.

Solid Oak Flooring Living Room

If the standard finishes are not to your taste, there are also a number of colour stain alternatives available. For example the weathered wood finish provides a soft, natural colour to the oak.

A product which has been specifically designed for providing natural finishes is the Blanchon Original Wood Environment. This finish is designed to protect your oak floor, without substantially changing its natural, unfinished colour. Currently the oil is available in a Natural, Ultra Matt, Bare Timber and a Rough Timber finish. These can all be seen in more detail by clicking here.

To see a complete run down of the oak floor finish styles we have available, take a look at our Essential Guide To Oak Floor Finishes.

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