Customer Oak Flooring Projects

8th Nov 2013 @ 17:51

When choosing your oak flooring, it can often become quite difficult to imagine how the flooring will look in your particular environment. We try to advise you as much as we can, but in an environment with no limits the decision of width of board, grading and finish all comes down to your own personal preference.

With the decision made and the flooring fitted, we always love to hear how your project has turned out to ensure you are 100% happy with the results. We love to see images of your rooms! So today we thought we would share just some of them that we have received, showing some of the different grades available to perhaps give you some ideas with your own project.

First up is one of our most recent photos we have received. This particular customer decided to lay our 14mm grange solid oak flooring. This was then finished using the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Satin. Here is how the customer described the floor:

"It looked innocent enough before it was waxed but as soon as the wax went on it didn’t acquire character so much as attitude. Love it!"

Grange 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

As you can see from the picture the customer has also made a desk out of it too!

Next up we have a customer who has decided to lay our 200mm wide character grade solid oak flooring. Here the customer has once again used the Blanchon Hard Waxoil finish, but this time opting for the Smoked Oak finish.

"Here is a photo of our new floor, we love it!"

Character Grade Oak Flooring

One up from the character, is the select grade. This grade features the occasional pip knot or tiny crack. In this case it has been used effectively in the living area.

Select Grade Solid Oak Flooring

Last but certainly not least is the prime grade, in this case an engineered oak floor has been fitted. The prime grade boards are taken from the centre of the oak trunk and create a very uniform, minimalist look.

Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring

If you would like to share any of your projects with us, please drop us an email at or alternatively through our Facebook page.

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