Unfinished Or Prefinished Oak Flooring?

11th Jul 2013 @ 14:47

During the process of purchasing your oak flooring, you are more than likely going to have to make a choice between choosing an unfinished oak floor or a prefinished oak floor. Both of these of course have their own advantages to make you choose between the two.

Prefinished oak flooring is often seen as the faster, quicker option available. All of the boards have been specifically finished in a particular style and tone. Prefinished floors are literally what you see is what you get. These oak boards could have been finished with products such as Hard Wax Oils and Lacquers.

Unfinished oak flooring on the other hand are boards that are supplied in their original unfinished state. This means they have not yet been finished with any product. Unfinished oak flooring is traditionally finished after the boards have been fitted.


The choice over which is best really comes down to what you want from your floor. Whilst a prefinished floor can be seen as a quicker option, unfinished flooring which has been finished after laying will often provide a much better final finish. This is because it allows you to apply it smoothly and evenly across the floor.

Further to this, an unfinished floor also has its advantages when the finish begins to show any areas of wear and tear. In this situation with a previously unfinished floor, you would simply sand back the small area and reapply the finish you applied to your whole floor. For a prefinished oak floor this is where problems can occur. If you were to sand back the area, you would be left with no choice but to sand the entire floor so that the area does not look out of place. The only other option would be to remove and replace the affected area.

Of course the choice between unfinished or prefinished oak flooring will come down to your own situation and preferences, but if you would like to discuss this further with us then please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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