How Can I Create The Perfect Oak Door For My Home?

27th Mar 2013 @ 13:41

A traditional solid oak door has a feeling of solidity and security that simply no softwood door can ever match. With oak being used to make doors for millennia, its no wonder they are just as popular today. But how can you create the perfect oak door for you?

Here at Peak Oak all of the doors we supply are unfinished, a full 20mm thick and available in a number of sizes. Further to this our doors are also available ready made up or available in kit form. To help with the assembly process of the kit-form doors, we have a helpful guide on how to assemble your oak ledged door which can be seen by clicking here.

So what are the styles available to me with a solid oak door?

Currently the oak doors we have available are as follows; Ledge and Brace, Yorkshire Ledged, Diamond doors and Hartington doors.

Our range of Ledge and Brace oak doors are perfect for situ inside a rustic barn or the traditional cottage. Similar in grade to our character grade flooring, these more traditional doors consist of four ledges. Each board which makes up the door also has an intriguing traditional bead detail to one edge.

In keeping with their name, our Yorkshire Ledged oak doors offer a fantastic quality ledged door for the best value available. As before these doors are made from high quality European oak, but instead consist of three ledges.

Solid Oak Doors

For those who are looking for something that little bit different from their oak doors, our Diamond and Hartington doors offer just that.

The Diamond oak doors are similar in style to our ledge and brace doors, made from European oak and consisting of four ledges. The key difference between these doors is the diamond aperture which is present in these doors. When fitted with a glass window, these doors can look great.

Finally our range of Hartington oak doors contain much of the same character and history, as the village from which they are named after. Consisting of four ledges, these doors give a curved, "wave" like pattern across the front of the boards, which is ever more present upon touch.

Do I need to finish my oak door?

Like with our oak flooring, we recommend that the solid oak doors are finished for protection. We recommend that this is done using a hard wax oil such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil or the Osmo Polyx Oil. The standard finishes available are either a satin or matt finish, which can be learnt about more by clicking here.

If neither of these is to your fancy, luckily there are a number of colour alternatives available from Blanchon and Osmo. Our Hartington door image below has been finished using the Blanchon Hardwax Oil - Smoked Oak, which has left it looking great.

Smoked Oak Door

What door furniture should I use?

Before you can finally fit your oak door into place, your going to want to purchase some door furniture. To create that real authentic look, we believe that the handforged Suffolk latches and a pair of T Hinges are perfect for the job. These items are a great way of adding that final perfect touch to your oak door.

To learn how to fit your oak door as well as the door furniture, we have created a step by step guide, which can be seen by clicking here.

If you require any further information on our oak doors, then please do give us a call on 01538 304584.

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