Choosing The Right Grade Of Oak Flooring For Me

22nd Mar 2013 @ 17:11

A true traditional oak floor is designed to last a lifetime, something to be admired through the ages. Therefore getting a look that you are happy with first time is hugely important, so how do you go about choosing the right oak flooring grade for you?

Traditional unfinished oak flooring comes in a number of standard grades. Here at Peak Oak our standard grades are as follows; Barn, Character, Select and Prime.

If you are looking for that completely rustic look full of knots cracks, shakes and holes, the Barn grade is the grade for you. Often seen in Tudor cottages or old pubs, the barn grade offers a board with unmatched character. Next up from our barn grade is the Character grade. As by far our most popular flooring, this grade features an occasional range of knots or varying size, colour variations and perhaps the odd hairline shake.

If the knots of the barn and character grade is simply not for you, then the Select and Prime grades could be to your liking. The Select grade sits in between our character and prime grade oak flooring and features the very occasional pip knot or tiny crack. This is the ideal grade for those after an almost flawless finish with a little bit of character to break up the floor. Finally the Prime grade offers a board which is uniform in colour and free from the knots, shakes and burrs found in other grades. This grade is the perfect for creating that sleek, minimalist look often suited to modern and contemporary spaces where the floor needs to look beautiful without distracting the eye.

Oak Grades

If your looking for something a little bit different from your oak flooring, the Classic, the Distressed and the Brown Oak boards offer just that. All three of these are similar in their knotting and shakes to our character grade flooring.

The Classic grade contains the distinctive figuring of medullary rays, which are beautiful, silky markings across the boards. The Distressed options gives a “singed” look to the boards, as if they have been recovered from a derelict, burnt building. Finally the Brown Oak arises when a naturally occurring fungus living with the oak tree, causes discolouration of the timber. When this oak has been milled, the oak floor boards exhibit deeply coloured areas of grain which creates a truly striking flooring.

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