What Are Medullary Rays?

6th Mar 2013 @ 12:08

Present in only a special selection of boards, Medullary Rays can add some real beautiful character to your oak flooring. But what exactly are Medullary Rays?

Medullary Rays are a distinct figuring which is usually associated with the top end quarter-sawn oak flooring. These rays are caused by plant cells running across and at an angle to the tree’s vertical cells. This results in beautiful, silky, silver markings as the boards are cut out of the tree.

Medullary Rays

Here at Peak Oak we reserve the boards which exhibit the medullary rays for our classic grade oak flooring and of course the rarer quarter-sawn oak flooring. Our classic grade oak boards contain all the character of our standard character grade oak flooring, with the beauty of the medullary rays.

To really bring out the full effect of these medullary rays, we recommend coating them up using a satin hard wax oil finish. This can leave the rays gleaming as the light catches them, creating unparalleled character in the floor.

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