14mm Solid Oak Flooring Is Back!

8th Feb 2013 @ 11:51

Back by popular demand, we are pleased to announce the reintroduction of our range of 14mm solid oak boards. Made from the finest European oak, Our 14mm boards offer all the benefits of our traditional solid oak floor boards with tongue and grooved edges and stress grooves for maximum stability.

The 14mm boards were born out of a need to create oak flooring to fit in ever more challenging locations. A common requirement was the need to replace a carpet which has been laid over a plywood sub-floor with oak flooring, yet lose as little as room height as possible.

At only 14mm thick, these boards are just thick enough to provide stable flooring, whilst thin enough to replace a carpet/underlay combination. The best thing about these boards is that the thinner cut of boards means we can get more boards out of the same oak. This in turn means we can offer these boards at a much lower price to you too!

14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Currently we have three individual grades of the 14mm solid oak flooring available. These are Legere, Grange and Mansion.


The Legere boards are similar in grade to our character grade oak flooring. Featuring occasional knots or various sizes, colour variations and even the odd hairline shake, this grade really is the perfect floor for just about any project.


Our range of Grange boards contain all the character you’d expect to see in our standard Barn Grade oak flooring. Taken from the French word for barn, grange boards are full of a large knots, burrs, colour streaks, shakes, cracks and even the odd hole.


Our final, and most recent, 14mm board we have available is the Mansion grade. This particular grade is the same as our Manor House Oak Flooring containing stripes of "brown oak". This is a naturally occurring fungus living within the oak tree, which causes discolouration of the timber, and creates some real intriguing character

We are expecting a huge demand for the 14mm solid oak flooring, so to place your order please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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