What Is The Difference Between American and European Oak?

31st Jan 2013 @ 15:54

Nowadays oak flooring is sourced from a number of sources from all around the globe. As you may have noticed we source all of our oak flooring from European suppliers. Other sources are also available from places such as America, but what exactly is the difference?

Sourced from North America, American Oak is available as Red Oak and White Oak. European Oak, as the name suggests, is oak which has been sourced from European countries such as France, England and Germany.

American oak flooring typically has much larger grain and growth rings in its boards and a much lighter tone compared to European Oak Flooring. Due to the amount of different variations there are of American Oak, the boards also tend to have more of a colour variation across them.


American & European Oak Differences


European oak flooring on the other hand, in terms of colour, generally tends to be darker compared to American oak flooring. Unlike American Oak which will often have a large colour variation between its boards, European Oak will have a much more even colour tone.

From our own personal experience, we have found European Oak to offer much better stability and a better overall quality. When used on the exterior of a property, we have also found American Oak to not last as long and begin to rot, when compared to European Oak.

If you would like to learn more regarding the differences between European or American Oak, then please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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