Peak Oak Turns Green

10th Jan 2013 @ 12:07

In our constant quest here at Peak Oak, we are always on the look out for areas in which to improve ourselves. With this in mind our latest venture is to to turn more green. No not with anger, but to reduce our own personal affect on the environment.

Aspen Fuel

This has led us to begin using much more environmentally-friendly fuels around the workplace, which is where we came across the Aspen Fuels. All of their petrols are made from the cleanest, most environmental, petrol available. This Alkylate petrol, avoids dangerous substances such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons, that can cause serious health problems. The fuel is also designed to be treat the engine much more kindly, and keeping it much cleaner. The fuel can is also completely recyclable!

If your interested in learning more about the environmental benefits of Aspen Fuel, you can do so by visiting their website by clicking here.

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