Protecting Your Oak Floor

12th Oct 2012 @ 12:08

After laying your oak flooring, your going to want to keep it in that same top quality condition as if it has only just been laid. Therefore looking into ways in which you can protect your oak floor will only help to increase its lifespan.

Naturally an oak floor is very hardwearing and durable, but through the use of an hard wax oil, such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil, this durability can be increased even further. These oils provide a finish to your flooring which is incredibly hard-wearing, mico-porous (breathable) and also water repellent. Alongside the hard waxoils, there are also a number of maintenance oils available, which are designed as a natural complement to help clean the wooden floor.

Oak Flooring

One of the ways in which oak flooring can often be damaged is by dragging furniture around the room. This can often leave large scratches all across your floor. One of the ways to help to avoid these unsightly marks is to invest in some felt pads. These pads should be placed under any sharp table or chair legs which are connected to your oak floor.

As well as these precautionary measures, it is also important to keep your oak flooring in a clean condition. A simple sweep or vacuum once in a while will help to keep dust and grit off the surface. A wipe with a damp mop will keep your oak flooring looking as good as new.

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