Spice It Up Like Juicy Couture

3rd Aug 2012 @ 10:59

Have you ever had a delicious curry where your taste buds literally "zinged" with the array of exotic spices?

Have you ever wished you'd gone for the sweetly scented Basmati rice alongside, instead of the rather dull, plain boiled rice?

Stay with me here...

Fashion house Juicy Couture have been cooking up rich, sassy clothing since 1997 and their high street stores reflect their unique, up-to-the-minute style. Nowhere is this style more obvious than in their recently opened Regent Street, London store.

Juicy Couture

Picture courtesy of Juicy Couture

Typically, they have lavished this traditional 1920's building with opulent, contemporary colours and fittings which complement the original interior features perfectly. The art deco influence is clear for all to see, from the moment you enter through the newly added antique bronze door and spy the bespoke crystal chandelier. A sweeping marble staircase encircles a newly restored wrought iron lift leading to floors above and below.

Juicy Couture

Picture courtesy of Juicy Couture

To contrast the "spicy" decor, Juicy Couture could have opted for a cheap laminate floor like those in so many UK high street shops - but no... Juicy Couture came to Peak Oak for the highest quality engineered oak flooring - in this case Hakwood Basic from the Colour Collection.

Laid in a classic herringbone pattern, these boards perfectly match the building's tradition, whilst offering all the benefits of modern technology. Durability and wear resistance are two of the most important aspects of any shop's flooring, something these beautifully crafted oak boards deliver in spades. We think the results speak for themselves...

Give us a call now on 01538 304584 for oak flooring to really spice up your project.

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