Choosing The Right Wood Floor Adhesive

24th Jul 2012 @ 11:47

Choosing the correct adhesive when glueing down your oak flooring is hugely important. Being the only part of your flooring installation that cannot be seen, it leaves people to often choose a less than adequate adhesive, that is often not up for the job.

The wrong choice of adhesive may be cheaper at the time, but in the long run the correct choice will save you all important time and money. A poor adhesive could lead to problems such as loose and noisy flooring, stains and discolouration on the board and many further problems.

Oak Flooring

Wood flooring adhesives essentially work by creating a bond between between the sub floor and the flooring itself. Once this adhesive dries, the adhesive hardens fixing your flooring to the subfloor.

The flexibility and elasticity is also an important factor when choosing the right adhesive. An adhesive with not enough elasticity will not allow the wood to move naturally, which could lead to cracking of the boards.

With all of this in mind, and from our own experience, there is really only one adhesive product that we can recommend, Rewmar’s MS Polymer Adhesive. This product is a one part, modified silane based flexible wood flooring adhesive which is suitable for sticking down any species of wooden flooring to just about any subfloor. Once dry the adhesive creates a high bond strength between the wooden floor and subfloor, whilst remaining permanently flexible.

Oak Flooring

The Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive should be applied on to an even, dry and smooth service which is free from any irregularities and cracks. Begin by first bringing the adhesive to room temperature. Apply the adhesive to the surface with a suitable notched trowel, being careful not to apply too much. Slide the wooden flooring onto the adhesive layer and tap into place using a rubber hammer. Adding weights on top of the oak boards can improve the overall bond strength.

Currently we have 12kg of Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive available for just £43.99 + VAT, so to order please call us on 01538 304584.

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Thank you very much for sharing this nice post. Fastening a wooden floor is the key to getting a great end result. It’s about having the right combination of strength and elasticity to achieve the best foundation for a beautiful and lasting wooden floor.

Celina Anne Vang January 3, 2014 at 10:26am

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