New Guide: A Guide To Oak Floor Finishes

13th Apr 2012 @ 11:42

For the latest addition to our guides section we have decided to do something that we believe has not been done before. This new piece is A Guide To Oak Floor Finishes as we look to establish which oak floor finish truly is best.

Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Natural

For the purpose of this test we used the following finishes: Treatex Hardwax Oil Traditional - Clear Satin, Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Natural, Osmo Polyx-Oil - Satin-matt, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil - Clear Satin and Liberon Floor Varnish - Clear Satin. Each of these finishes were applied onto a single 180mm Select Grade Oak Flooring board.

Using this board we were able to fully check a number of factors including Which was the easiest to apply? Which dried the quickest? Which provided the best first coat? Which provided the best second coat? and which provided the smoothest finish? After leaving the finishes time to fully harden we were next able to test them up against a number of staining items such as vinegar and washing up liquid.

Second Coat

You can see the full results of this test by clicking here, and all of our other guides by visiting the Guides section.

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