Product Updates: Darcy Handle/Vintage Cottage Latch

28th Mar 2012 @ 10:25

The latest product updates we have for you are these two new Wrought Iron Door Furniture products which have been completely handmade to perfection. The Darcy Handle has been beautifully created to a quality that is second to none. Each handle has been styled to show three leafs interlocking together, creating a completely unique handle. With only a few select places selling these handles, they are both unique in style and availability. These handles are available from us for just £36.00 + VAT.

Darcy Handle

Also now available are these Vintage Cottage Latches which have also been traditionally handmade. Measuring up at 210mm x 90mm this Vintage Cottage Latch has also been created in the finest of quality. Currently we have this latch available for just £24.00 + VAT.

Vintage Cottage Latch

To order either of these products please call us on 01538 304584.

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