Page Updates: Oak Beams

2nd Mar 2012 @ 11:15

Following on from a series of recent website updates to Peak Oak, we have now updated our Oak Beams section with more information and a further page.

We have started by updating the Reclaimed Oak Beams page with a range of new information to help you establish exactly what Reclaimed Oak Beams are as well as their different characteristics. Along with this new information, you can also see some images of a Reclaimed Oak Beam that is situated in our new showroom area.

Along with the updated Reclaimed Oak Beam page, we have also updated our Green Oak Beams page. Once again this update is designed to make it clearer exactly what a Green Oak Beam is, and its different properties.

Solid Oak Beams

Finally our latest addition is a brand new page in the Oak Beams section. This new page is dedicated to our range of Air Dried Oak Beams. On this page we have included a range of information on the different characteristics of our Air Dried Oak Beams. We have also included a number of images of an Air Dried Oak Beam that has been fitted inside our new showroom area.

To learn more regarding any of our Oak Beams, or to find out what we currently have available, please call us on 01538 304584.

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