Focus On: Hakwood

18th Jan 2012 @ 17:04

In anticipation of our range of Hakwood products which are set to be added to our website sometime soon, we thought we would take the time to give you a quick history of what exactly Hakwood are and what makes their flooring so special.

Hakwood is a member of the Hak group of companies, which is a world-wide operating family business which dates back to 1903. Hakwood was founded in 1979 and became a major industrial producer of wood products.

Over the last decade Hakwood has developed a great experience in the production of engineered flooring products. This knowledge and experience gives the Hakwood products an ability to produce their wide boards without the fear of swelling, warping, shrinking and any other problems occurring.

European Oak - Prime

One of the reasons for the stability and durability of Hakwood Engineered Flooring is its unique structure. A 14mm water resistant plywood back layer together with a 6mm solid Hardwood top layer ensures a stable durable product.

Quality is an important aspect to Hakwood, with their flooring products being sorted and inspected at different stages of production to ensure that each and every grade meets its requirements.

European Oak - Rustic

From our results at Peak Oak, we have found that the precision finish of the products, has resulted in the flooring taking a fraction of the time to fit compared to that of a traditional engineered oak floor.

We are looking to launch some of the Hakwood products on the website over the coming weeks so make sure to keep checking back for more information.

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