Osmo Bundle For Just £49.19 + VAT & Delivery

7th Dec 2011 @ 11:28

In keeping with the festive spirit, here at Peak Oak we have decided to launch an amazing bundled offer which you simply cannot refuse. We are now giving you the chance to purchase a 2.5 litre tin of OSMO Polyx-oil with a 1 litre bottle of OSMO Wash and Care for just £49.19 + VAT & Delivery (£59.03 Inc. VAT). As you can see by checking out the prices for these two products individually, you really are getting a great saving!

For those of whom do not already know, the OSMO Polyx-Oil is a natural hard wax oil finish for untreated and unfinished wooden floors. Once brushed onto the oak, it is quickly absorbed to give either a matt or satin finish which is hard-wearing, micro-porous (breathable) and also water repellent.

Osmo Polyx-oil & Wash and Care

If you are looking to buy OSMO Polyx-oil for your oak floor, you will need to clean it to keep it looking in that same great condition. The OSMO Wash and Care is formulated to be the best after care product for wood floors which are finished with Polyx-oil. This is great for not only cleaning the floor, but also applying a very thin layer of the oils contained in the Polyx-oil product.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, please call us on 01538 304584.

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