Culture Campus With Oak Monastery

25th Nov 2011 @ 12:22

The Dutch based design studio AEQUO have designed this informatieplain (information plaza) inside the Culture Campus Vleuterweide in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Cuture Campus

With the Informatieplein shaped as the interior space of a monastery, it contains one large monastery bench, which offers a range of different functions. With an interior made of solid and natural materials, the bench cleverly incorporates an integrated ensemble of tables, chairs, stools, lounges, information screens, presentation columns, folders, pc’s, gaming, magazines, reading areas and much more.

This structure is made of unprocessed oak, “with a felt upholstery in warm colours”. This combination of a modern office environment integrated inside an oak structure really adds a fresh and modern approach to this information centre.

Culture Campus

Special thanks to Contemporist for the above images.

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