Why Should I Use Oak In Construction?

10th Nov 2011 @ 12:19

With the ongoing concerns surrounding the earth's resources and how they are managed for future generations, the use of certain materials has become ill advised. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas emit carbon dioxide, which is believed to be one of the contributory gases that causes climate change. However, working with any form of timber does not produce carbon dioxide as wood is a carbon neutral product that has absorbed CO2 through its natural lifespan.

Oak can be seen as a sustainable source in our environment, as the trees which are removed can easily be replaced with fresh new trees. Products which require the burning of fossil fuel by-products at extremely high temperatures, such as steel, are not sustainable as they are running out.

One of the biggest appeals of oak is from an aesthetic point of view as it is very pleasing on the eye, the nose and also to touch.

Oak Beams

From an construction view point, oak is a high strength timber that will dry slowly. As the wood becomes harder over time this results in increased stability and a more structurally sound frame. Many rotten medieval beams even to this day are still rock hard inside.

Green Oak is often a more favoured material by craftsmen as it is much easier to work with. Green Oak is a term used to describe oak which has a high moisture content and has only recently been felled and milled into beams and timber. This softer nature of the wood makes it easier to be cut into more complex shapes and structures. Over time the green oak will then harden and become more structurally sound.

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