Product Updates: Blanchon Natural Soap For Oiled Wood Floors

4th Nov 2011 @ 12:37

Blanchon Natural Soap For Oiled Wooden Floors is the latest product to be added to the Peak Oak website. For the task of day to day cleaning of all oiled wooden floors, this product is perfect for the job. Designed to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of your flooring, its powerful and concentrated nature will provide in depth cleaning whenever needed.

Blanchon Natural Soap for Oiled Wood Floors

Being based 100% on natural ingredients, this soap is enriched with vegetable oils which will boost the protection of the wooden floor after every use. Currently available from us for just £13.50 + VAT & Delivery, you can order a 1 litre bottle of Blanchon Natural Soap For Oiled Wood Floors now by calling 01538 304584.

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