Park Street Residence Finished With Engineered Oak Flooring

26th Oct 2011 @ 11:33

Designed by the Greenwich based studio Joeb Moore + Partners, the 173 Park Street Residence is located in Connecticut in the United States. With its solar assisted electric power and hot water heater, this house showcases a range of green technology's earning itself a LEED Silver Certification.

Park Street Residence

The home features four bedrooms, four bathrooms and two half baths as well as a 750 square foot terrace with a hot pool and a cold pool which is accessible by an elevator. The building itself is supported by a concrete foundation with a structural steel frame and poured concrete decks. There is also interior steel and engineered lumber wall framing.

In keeping with the “green” feel, the home also incorporates natural light through the use of high performance glazing as well as a roof sky window. This reduces the need for artificial lighting in certain areas of the project.

Park Street Residence

Many areas of the home are all connected through the use of Engineered Oak Flooring. This Engineered Oak is European based and acts as the perfect means of connecting the whole house and giving it a flowing nature. These boards also provide the home with a natural, yet modern feel catering “to the luxury home consumer”.

Special thanks to Home DSGN for the above images.

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