Sonoma Residence With Oak Interior

19th Oct 2011 @ 11:05

Designed by New York based Cooper Joseph Studio, is this Sonoma Residence project. Located on a steep hill side which overlooks the vineyards of Sonoma, California it provides fantastic viewing. The whole of the house has been completely renovated to create something modern, but perfectly keeping with the surrounding area.


Sonoma Residence Before


Sonoma Residence After

When in the process of renovation, the owners “requested an efficient renovation that would maximise hill side views and connect the two levels to allow for more open living. They asked that wood be used extensively for the renovation”.

The new porch area is an iconic area which redefines the image and focus of the home, whilst also providing a perfect area to sit and admire the view. Inside, oak is completely the theme of the renovation with just about everything being made from it. The original floors have been replaced with natural oak, with the same cut, board width and grain being used for all surfaces. These include the floors, kitchen cabinetry, wall panels and the stairs and railing.

Sonoma Residence Interior

Special thanks to Home DSGN for the above images.

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