Workshop and Family Home Combined With Oak Flooring

17th Oct 2011 @ 10:45

Villa Snow White is a house designed in Espoo, Finland by Helen & Co Architects which uses a combination of oak flooring and other materials to bring a real sense of nature throughout the home. The building itself accommodates both a family home, but also a showroom. In it’s construction, “an obsolete old villa was cleared out off the property” before being replaced by this new home.

Villa Snow White

Surrounding the property there are a number old trees which played a huge part in the designing process. All of the openings of the interiors were set about by the trees location. This adds even more of a natural feel to the home, as the outside nature and the interior of the home are connected. The main entrance to the property can be found through a closed outdoor atrium, which faces the West towards the evening sun.

Villa Snow White

The interior of the home is light, as the floors are mostly solid oak and limestone. The oak flooring in the living area continues a natural feel as the large windows shine light inside. This flooring also acts as the perfect way to connect the living room with the upstairs office area, where you are able to look over and admire it all. Special thanks to freshome for the above images.

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