Focus On: Green Oak Beams

3rd Oct 2011 @ 10:39

The term Green Oak is one that is commonly used in the wood flooring industry, but is often misunderstood. Green Oak is basically a term to describe oak which has a high moisture content. Although all types of oak will contain moisture, green oak has a much higher moisture content that the likes of solid oak. One reason that can be used to explain this high moisture content is because the wood has only recently been felled and milled into beams and timber. When used in construction, the wood will crack and fissure as the moisture content dry’s out.

Oak Beams

Often more favored by craftsmen, the softer nature of Green Oak Beams makes them much easier to work with when being cut into more complex shapes and structures. Once the timber itself dry’s out, it will shrink which will result in the joints tightening up and making the whole frame much more structurally sound. Green Oak is also much more consistent in its coloring across the beams, making it a desirable option for many. To learn more on Green Oak Beams, please call us on 01538 304584.

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