What is the best oak flooring?

26th Sep 2011 @ 11:54

One of the most common questions asked in the oak flooring business is What is the best oak flooring? This question however is not an easy one as the answer generally depends on the persons particular tastes.

The first question that has to be answered in the decision process is Solid Oak flooring or Engineered Oak flooring? Once again this choice can come down to personal preference, but there are a few factors that should be taken into account before a final decision is made.

The first has to be are you installing the floor over underfloor heating? If so, then Engineered Oak flooring is the way to go. This is because, under changeable conditions, Solid Oak flooring will expand or contract. This can also lead to problems such as “gapping” (where the space between the plank becomes excessive) and “cupping” (where the plank appears to become a dished shape where its edges are higher then the center of the plank). Engineered Oak flooring is much less susceptible to these problems as it is much more durable in the changing conditions. With its many number of layers, Engineered oak flooring is also extremely water resistant.

Oak Logs

In the right areas however, Solid Oak flooring will provide much more strength and increased durability than that of Engineered oak. The fact that Solid Oak boards are 100% oak can also be seen as an advantage to some as the boards are “pure” oak rather then a combination of oak and birch ply, like in Engineered Oak.

Once this choice has been made, the next decision has to be which grade do I want? Both Solid Oak flooring and Engineered Oak flooring come available in a number of different grades including Barn grade, Character grade, Select grade, Classic grade, Prime grade, Quarter-Sawn, Distressed and English. Each of these grades have their own individual style, which is once again all down to personal preference and the situation that the boards are being placed in. Although all of these boards differ in style, they are still made of the highest quality of oak and will suit whatever situation necessary.

Flooring Grades

Here at Peak Oak, we also stock a range of 14mm oak flooring boards. These boards, are made up of the same high quality solid oak flooring as the normal boards but at just 14mm thick. These boards prove perfect for people looking to lose as little room height as possible when installing oak flooring. 14mm proves just thick enough to provide stable flooring yet thin enough to leave plenty of room height. 14mm Solid Oak Flooring is currently available from us in three different styles which are Legere, Grange and Tigre.

As a final note, the quality of the source of the oak flooring is always something which should be noted. Some areas are prone to producing oak cheaply, yet they do not come with the same high quality finish as others. Cheaper oak can generally result in a reduction in both durability and quality.

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