Product Update: Proflex MS Polymer Gun-Grade

22nd Sep 2011 @ 09:36

As part of our latest product updates we have now added Proflex MS Polymer Gun-Grade to the website. Providing all the benefits of the standard Proflex MS Polymer Adhesive, the gun-grade edition provides concentrated adhesion strength with the convenience of a trigger application. The adhesive is completely non-hazardous as it contains no solvent or isocyante content. When dispensed the adhesive provides extreme stability and strength.

Proflex MS Polymer Gun-Grade

Perfect for use with batten or slotted-matt systems, the tool is remarkably easy to use. Coverage is approximately 1kg/m2 depending on the subfloor with a working time of around 30 minutes, though this may be increased in areas of low temperatures or high humidity. To find out more information regarding this, or any similar products please call us on 01538 304584.

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