Product Update: Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive

15th Sep 2011 @ 10:04

In continuing with our product updates, we have now added Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive to the website. Last month we offered this product at an amazing price as part of our August Special Offer. Now as a product available on the site 12kg of Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive can be yours for just £43.99 (plus VAT & delivery).

Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive 12kg

As one of the most flexible flooring adhesives available when installing a wooden floor to a sub floor, the product proves to be perfect for the job. Supplied ready to use the adhesive is permanently elastic and water free. The adhesive itself retains a very strong final bond strength that is rapidly built up once applied. Being completely solvent free also ensures that the risk of the wood deforming is minimised.

When looking to apply the adhesive to your floor, it is also important that you have a piece of equipment that is up to the job. Luckily Rewmar themselves provide just the tool, with their 6mm V Notch Trowel. As the perfect tool for applying Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive when a fully bonded system is required, it will provide an application rate of 1000 - 1200 gr/m2. This tool is now available from us for just £9.00 (plus VAT & Delivery). If you would like to learn more on either of these products, or place an order for them, please call us on 01538 304584.

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