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9th Sep 2011 @ 10:34

Here at Peak Oak we like to keep you as updated and in the know as much as possible, which is why we broadcast our news across a range of different platforms. Our Peak Oak website acts as our platform to advertise all of our products as well as providing you with information about them. Monthly special offers are put on the website and provide you with unbelievably cheap prices that cannot be beaten.

One of our other main ways of updating your knowledge is through the use of this blog, where we look to give you an insight into various products, projects and the latest news. The blog is updated regularly so be sure to keep checking back to read more. You can even subscribe to the blog through the RSS feed by clicking here.

Peak Oak

The use of social media websites is also something that we regularly do here at Peak Oak as we are broadcasting on both Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page is often updated with pictures and information that you would not normally see on the blog, so be sure to like our page by clicking here. On our Twitter feed we look to quickly provide you with the latest information in 140 characters or less. Twitter also proves a great way to follow the likes of Osmo UK and Chatsworth House. To Follow us on Twitter click here.

Last, but not least, Peak Oak also has its own Youtube channel which can be subscribed to by clicking here. On this channel we look to post all of the various videos we capture on our travels ranging from the RAF Red Arrows at Chatsworth Country Fair to clips of us planting the Oak trees.

We hope that these options provide you with an exclusive insight into Peak Oak, and we would like to thank you for all of your interest. If you require any more information, please do call us on 01538 304584.

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