Focus On: Wrought Iron Door Furniture

26th Aug 2011 @ 10:13

Besides selling Solid Oak Flooring and Engineered Oak Flooring, here at Peak Oak we also sell a wide selection of Ironware. One of our most popular selections is the Wrought Iron Door Furniture range. Wrought Iron is an iron alloy which is tough and malleable making it perfect for a number of different jobs. All of our selection of wrought ironware is hand made and finished with beeswax to give the pieces their authentic look.

Wrought Iron Cottage Latch

Our Wrought Iron Door Furniture pieces include arrow hinges, thumb latches, gothic handles, cottage latches (seen above) and much more. These pieces also come in a number of different sizes to cater to your particular needs and act as the perfect way to complete your oak doors by adding some real character. You can see our collection of Wrought Iron Door Furniture by clicking here or view our full range of Ironware by clicking here.

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