Focus On: Barn Grade Oak Flooring

24th Aug 2011 @ 09:41

In the flooring industry Barn Grade oak flooring is often referred to as rustic grade or pub grade. This type of flooring is distinctly recognisable for its high number of knots, shakes, cracks, and even some holes. This worn out rustic nature gives the flooring a derelict feel that it belongs in a old barn or a worn out cottage, hence the name Barn Grade.

Barn Grade Oak Flooring

As Barn Grade oak flooring has a large number of knots and burns, this can make the flooring often appear much darker than character grade or select grade oak floors. Unlike other grades we believe that the more traffic and wear that Barn Grade oak flooring gets, the better that it will look. To find out more information regarding this product, or anything else we can help you with, please call us on 01538 304585.

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