August Special Offer: Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive

23rd Aug 2011 @ 16:04

For this months special offer we are offering a 12kg box of Rewmar MS Polymer Flexible Flooring Adhesive for just £43.99 + VAT & Delivery! As we have only recently become suppliers of this product we are looking to generate some excitement by offering it at a price that you will do well to find any cheaper online.

Rewmark MS Polymer Adhesive

Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive is one of the best when it comes to gluing your oak flooring to a sub floor. The adhesive will retain a very strong final bond strength which will keep the boards gripped to the floor, whilst also being flexible enough to allow some natural movement in the wood. Being both water free and solvent free minimises the risk of the wood flooring deforming. Like with all adhesive products we recommend that you at all times avoid any contact with the eyes or skin by wearing protective goggles and protective gloves. This price is only available for the remainder of this month, so to take advantage of this fantastic exclusive offer please call us on 01538 304584.

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