Screws For Solid Wood Flooring - We Have The Technology!

19th May 2011 @ 10:27

Spax screws for solid wood flooring

Screwing solid oak flooring into battens, joists or wooden subfloors is now common practice, but as any joiner will tell you, having to pre-drill the oak board tongues is a pain in the (insert appropriate body part here).

Luckily, there's a solution and a simple one at that!

SPAX screws for solid wood flooring, mean that you can drive a screw through the tongue with instant grip, no splitting and built in countersinking.

Laying oak floor boards suddenly got fun!

Check out this video we've made showing how easily these screws go in:

Did you notice how easily the screws go into rock hard old oak beams too?

For more details and pricing see our SPAX screws for solid wood flooring page.

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