In An Ideal World...

10th May 2011 @ 15:03

If you're reading this, it's reasonable to assume you know what a blog is and arrived here either from the link on our  website or through a search engine.

Perhaps you've had a little trawl back through previous posts or come here hoping for answers to questions?

Working out what you might want read about on our blog is a constant challenge and without much feedback, it's hard to know what's interesting to you and what isn't.

As with a lot of small business blogs, it's tempting to simply highlight offers we've got on and new product announcements.


We're making this appeal to you:

Please add a comment to this post if you have ever read anything on this blog and tell us whether you liked it, hated it and what you would like to read more about.

Be honest - you won't hurt our feelings.

Thank you!

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