Blanchon Wood Floor Oil Environment Natural - For That Unfinished Look

3rd May 2011 @ 16:39

Although we stock the full range of Blanchon wood care products, we're sometimes a little slow to update our main website with all of our offerings.

This very special product is a godsend for those of you looking to retain the natural colour of your oak floors or doors, whilst still protecting them from everyday wear and tear.

Blanchon Wood Floor Oil Environment in Natural is just so simple to use, we're expecting to sell bucketloads.

It is odourless, it barely changes the colour of the unfinished oak and it's touch dry in 20 minutes.

You need to apply 3 coats and allow an hour between coats, but it does mean you could have your floor completely finished in under 4 hours!

To introduce Blanchon Wood Floor Oil Environment, we've put it on special offer for May 2011 only - just £75 including VAT and UK Mainland Delivery!

Give us a call on 01538 304584 to get yours ordered now.

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