Modern Oak Flooring Meets Ancient Stone Walls

6th Jul 2010 @ 09:59

There's a temptation when restoring an old building, to use oak flooring which looks authentic or original.

This can work, however it's worth considering a more contemporary approach.

Here's a perfect example from Swiss interior designer Christian Speck and his firm Formzone.

Asked to renovate an ancient townhouse in a Swiss village with views to the Alps, he has created an uber-chic, modern style whilst retaining the original character of  the building's structure.

The renovation uses high grade oak flooring throughout and the interfaces between the flooring and the ancient stone are just delicious!

A tricky long thin room with vaulted ceiling is transformed into a perfect home office space - notice how the wide oak floor boards are of equal widths adding to to the crisp angular look of the furniture and contrasting with the curvature of the ceiling.

Note also, the lack of skirting in the room for a clean, sleek look.

The look in the living and dining areas could be achieved in almost any home (apart from the alpine views!), and although the Charles Eames chair has become a bit of a cliche these days, the beautifully mellow oak flooring with bright white walls has not.

You could easily achieve a look like this using our prime grade engineered oak flooring which, because it's supplied unfinished, can be treated with a coat of Matt Osmo Polyx-Oil to get the same flat effect as shown above.

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