Blanchon Tanned Wood Reactive

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Blanchon Tanned Wood Reactive is an reactive and odourless stain intended ONLY for parquets, floors and stairs made of tannin wood (oak, chestnut, etc.). The product will provide a sheen and contrast to the grain of the wood, providing new oak with a refined uniform down colouring (depending on the different tannin content of the boards).

The reactive will provide an ageing effect that is reminiscent of the cafe's of the olden days - a traditional smoked wood look.

Easily applied, Tanned Wood Reactive is perfect for large surfaces, but is also suitable for furniture and wood panelling.

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12m2 per litre per coat


Blanchon Tanned Wood Reactive should be applied onto raw, clean wood which is devoid of wax, lacquer, parquet lacquer, paint, etc. Parquets, floors, stairs should be polished to the raw wood and smoothened (it is not recommended to use coat removers and wax-removing agents).

Ensure that the surface is clean and devoid of all traces of detergents, grease, wax, polish, furniture polish or flax oil (or other specialist oils). Do not use detergents, bleaches or parquet-cleaning agents. The gaps between the parquet strips should be pre-filled with Blanchon Resin Filler in order to avoid accumulation of wood stain.

Only use in well ventilated areas.

A thin and uniform layer should be applied using either a roller (with short hair) or a brush used for edges and small surfaces. This should be done in the direction of the wood grain, without "stretching" the preparation. Do not press the surface when correcting the overlapping portions. Do not use a gun.

The intensity of the colour depends on the tannin content in the wood. For this reason it is necessary to carry out a test prior to the operation. A brighter colour can be achieved by diluting the Tanned Wood Reaction with water.

Allow to dry to obtain a final colour (at least 6 hours). Do not polish.

For the best result, it is recommended that the Blanchon Tanned Wood Reactive is covered directly with Blanchon Hard Waxoil. This particular combination will offer the possibility of obtaining a beautiful decorative and patina effect.


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