Blanchon Grey Wood Reactive

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Blanchon Grey Wood Reactive stain is designed for use ONLY on all parquets, floors and stairs made from woods with high tannin content (oak, sweet chestnut, etc.) This product is designed to give your woodwork an authentic ageing effect - an appearance of slightly ashen old floors.

Its easy application makes it perfect for large surfaces (such as wooden floors) although it is also suitable for furniture and wood panelling.

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12m2 from 1 L with one coat


Blanchon Grey Wood reactive should be applied onto raw, clean wood which is devoid of wax, lacquer, parquet lacquer, paint, etc. Parquets, floors, stairs should be polished to the raw wood and smoothened (it is not recommended to use coat removers and wax-removing agents).

Ensure that the surface is clean and devoid of all traces of detergents, bleaches, grease, wax, polish, furniture polish or flax oil (or other specialist oils). Do not use detergents, bleaches or parquet cleaning agents. Gaps between parquet strips should be pre-filled with Blanchon Resin Filler in order to avoid accumulation of wood stain.

Only use in well ventilated areas.

Apply a thin and uniform layer user a short hair roller or a brush for edges and small surfaces. This should be done in the direction of the wood grain, without "stretching" the preparation. Do not press the surface when correcting the overlapping portions. Do not use a gun.

Leave to dry for 6 hours. The whole surface should then be polished with a buffing machine with a green or black pad (to strengthen the desired effect, remove the dust from the wood surface).

The corners and edges can be brushed manually with the central part of the pad. This method is perfect for small surfaces.

Carefully remove the dust before applying the selected finishing layer. A dust mask is recommended as the product is very likely to become a dust.

For a more discreet and elegant appearance of bleaches wood the Blanchon White Patina can be applied onto the surface covered with Grey Wood Reactive.

For the best end results, it is recommended that Grey Wood Reactive is covered with finishing products which will ensure that the wood will remain clear.

The best results can be achieved by applying:

  • directly onto the surface with Blanchon Original Wood Environment
  • or 1 coat of SO Primer and after Initial or Intensiv


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