Peak Oak Sheeps Wool Insulation Comfort Rolls

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The Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort Rolls are a range of grey coloured sheep’s wool thermal and acoustic insulation rolls, suitable for use in floor and ceiling level applications.

These rolls are available in a variety of convenient dimensions.

Sheep Wool Comfort Insulation Rolls offer highly effective insulation, with a superior thermal performance over glass or mineral wool products.

The wool fibres are completely safe to touch, work with, and more importantly have within your home.

Comfort insulation rolls can be installed on top of existing glass or mineral wood, which reduces the opportunity for their potentially hazardous particles to become airborne.

Sheep Wool Insulation products also have unrivaled environmental credentials, making it the “greenest” choice of any insulation product on the market.

As a completely natural product, the wool from our sheep even gets sent to help make the insulation!


Pure New Sheep’s Wool with Thorlan IW insect protection

Suitable for use in a variety of construction situations

Available in a variety of dimensions


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