How Can I Clean Osmo Oil From Brushes?

25th Aug 2011 @ 12:01

Here is a question that many people ask, How can I clean Osmo Oil Off The Brushes? We know how it is, trying endlessly to get the brushes clean after using waxy products such as Osmo Polyx-Oil, but the oil just won't budge. Luckily however, Osmo provides you with just the answer, with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner.

This product was made specifically for use with their oils and waxes, making it perfect for cleaning off all that Osmo oil off your brushes. When needed, this product can also be used as a thinner for solvent based paints. With this Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner you can literally say goodbye to all of those hours spent endlessly trying to clean the brushes with no success.

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