Engineered Oak Flooring For Bathrooms

22nd Mar 2010 @ 23:39

We're often asked about oak flooring for bathrooms and our reply is always the same - you must use engineered oak flooring.

The fluctuating moisture levels in a bathroom setting, will make solid oak flooring contract and expand or bow and cup, eventually splitting the wood, however those of you used to the warm, tactile nature of real oak floors still want that feeling in your bathroom.

Engineered oak flooring, once treated with Osmo Polyx-Oil, is warm, hard wearing, water resistant and looks sensational.

The added benefit of course is it's reluctance to "move" once laid.

This resistance to moisture fluctuation makes it the ideal candidate for laying over an underfloor heating system - increasingly popular in bathrooms.

Of course, engineered oak flooring can be fitted in the traditional manner with hammer and nails or can be glued down using modern flexible adhesive.

Either way, engineered oak flooring is simply perfect for bathrooms.

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