Hand-forged Knotted Handle

Just 4.00 + VAT + Delivery

Hand-forged Knotted Handle

Yes - you have read it right and it's not an April Fool.

A 270mm hand-forged iron knotted handle for just 4.00 + VAT and delivery.

Have a look anywhere else on-line for these wonderful handles and you'll find the cheapest at around 20.

These handles are perfect for cupboards, wardrobes, pantries or larders - in fact anywhere you don't need a latch!

Finished with natural beeswax, these handles feel silky smooth to touch, while the iron knot gives excellent grip for opening a sticky door.

We haven't got too many of these left, so grab them while you can before our competitors buy them off us and try to sell them to you at 5 times the price!

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