OSMO Polyx-Oil "Tints"

from 9.99 + VAT + Delivery (this means delivery is not included in the price)

OSMO Polyx-Oil Tints

It's mid-summer and time for a clear out in the warehouse.

We have a few tins of Osmo Polyx Oil "Tints" left over in colours which are now discontinued - the perfect opportunity for you to get some genuine Osmo Polyx-Oil at a rock bottom price.

Osmo's Tints range is exactly the same High Solids wax oil as their natural finish but with an added colour to give your floor a distinctive look.

We have the following sizes and colours available:

2.5 Litres tins at 19.99 + VAT + Delivery

3071 Honey (x1)
3072 Amber (x5)
3091 Silver (x1)
3092 Gold (x1)
3143 Cognac (x8)
3161 Ebony (x1)

0.75L tins at 9.99 + VAT + Delivery

3091 Silver (x1)
3092 Gold (x1)
3143 Cognac (x3)
3073 Dark Brown (x2)
3072 mid oak (x1)

All of the above are available on a first come, first served basis so get yours now by calling 01538 304584