Yorkshire Solid Oak Ledged Door Kit

105.00 + VAT + Delivery (this means delivery is not included in the price)

Yorkshire Solid Oak Ledged Door Kit

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to our January 2015 Special Offer.

It has been quite a while since we last put any of our solid oak ledged doors on offer.

Frankly, they sell so well throughout the year that we haven't really needed to, but Paul in the office has twisted my arm - he does love his oak doors!

These Yorkshire solid oak ledged doors have three ledges rather than the more usual four - a traditional (and some might say apt) way of saving money in times of austerity.

Supplied as a kit with screws and oak plugs, these doors are not pre-drilled. You will have to line them up and drill them, but this is a doddle as they're so well machined with each door plank tongue push-fitting beautifully into its corresponding groove.

We can supply you with 2' 3", 2' 6" and 2' 9" doors all at the same incredibly low price of 105 + VAT and delivery.

Each door kit comes in unfinished top quality european oak ready for oiling, staining or waxing as you see fit.

These will sell quickly, so please don't wait to order.

Call us on 01538 304584 to get yours now!