Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Up to 160mm wide:
24.50 + VAT

(29.40 inc. VAT)
All prices per square metre

As the popularity of oak flooring increases, we are asked for flooring to fit ever more challenging locations.

A common requirement these days, is to replace carpet which has been laid over a plywood sub-floor with oak flooring and yet to lose as little room height as possible.

Our Legere 14mm solid oak flooring is our solution to the problem.

Made from the same superb quality oak as our popular Character Grade flooring, the Legere boards only 14mm thick - just thick enough to provide stable flooring and yet thin enough to replace a carpet/underlay combination.

Being a solid oak floor, it's of course very important to acclimatise the flooring in the room for a number of days before fitting and to take the usual precautions of not fitting it over central heating pipes or underfloor heating.

Here's the great news for you though...

The thinner cut of the boards means that we can get more boards out of the same oak butt which in turn, means a lower price to you too!

We're one of the only suppliers in the UK offering these boards at the moment, so give us a call on 01538 304584 to order.


Unfinished character grade solid oak tongue and groove floor boards, end matched with grooved underside for stability

Micro-bevelled along the length of the board

Available widths: 120mm,140mm,160mm

Available lengths: 1500mm to 2500mm


Additional Information

Unlike some competitors, we don't send out free samples as we'd rather you see the flooring over a decent sized area to get a feel for the quality. A short length of board will never give you the true effect

We haven't displayed delivery costs as our couriers change them so frequently. We will advise you of delivery costs to your location when you contact us and of course, you are more than welcome to pick up your flooring should you wish to.

Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring